A good network of roads and a reliable transport system ensures that all areas of Barbados are easily accessible through the Barbados Transport Board and private operators who operate minibuses and route taxi services.

The Barbados Transport Board (BTB) which is a government-owned public transport system, provides a regular scheduled bus service to all parts of the island. BTB buses are painted blue and yellow and bus fare is BDS$1.50 per ride and it is advisable to have exact change when boarding. BTB terminals are located at Fairchild Street and Lower Green in Bridgetown and at Speightstown.

The Minibus system is a privately operated system, plying selected routes. Buses are painted bright yellow with a blue stripe. Bus fare – BDS$1.50 per ride. Bus destinations are usually displayed on the bottom left-hand corner of the windscreen.

Route Taxi System

A number of privately owned maxi-taxis ply selected routes. These are usually white with a maroon stripe. The fare is also BDS$1.50.across the island.

Taxis and Automobile Rentals

There are many Taxis available on the island to take you around and if you prefer to drive your self there are lots of rental companies to choose from. Need a Car Rental? See our listings of Car Rentals.иремель восхождение из башкириинеоклассика сипденьги в кредит теле2банки спб кредит наличнымисервис кредит