Here you will find seas of gentle waves for body surfing and tumbling in the water. There are rollers for surfing with boggy boards and surfboards and some of the best windsurfing in the world. Annual surfing competitions and international surfing meets are held on both the South and East Coasts.

Crane Beach – Originally a harbour, Crane Beach is considered by many to be one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. In fact, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous rated it as “one of the ten best beaches in the world”.  Ideal for romantic strolls, the beach is protected by rocky outcrops, with relatively calm waters and are also ideal for body surfing.

Worthing – Located on the south coast of Barbados is the beautiful white sandy beach of Worthing. The sea in this area offers a multitude of delights for all sea lovers!

Just off-shore within swimming distance is an interesting coral reef to discover, filled with tropical fish. On the inside of this reef the swimming is extremely safe, the calm waters make it especially good for children and beginner-swimmers, as the depth of the water varies from approximately 2 -6 ft.

Miami Beach – Another fine stretch of beach that is very popular among locals, Miami beach is somewhat sheltered, with crystal clear waters. The sea in this area is quite flat but occasional swells add a little excitement to the seabathing here. At Miami Beach you can rent beach chairs, large umbrellas and boogie boards from local vendors and enjoy snacks and drinks from vendors. There are several picnic benches where you can enjoy your meal and cool off in the shade.


The East and North coasts of Barbados meet the Atlantic Ocean where huge waves crash along the shore and coral reefs. This coast is not recommended for swimming except for a few of the very protected bays. There are strong currents and fierce waves beating on the rugged coral to create a spectacle of power of a wild and rugged sea.

The East Coast of Barbados is well known for its rugged beauty. The Atlantic rollers break on the large rocks at sea to form beautiful mist and foam. A trip along the East Coast Road gives rise to a most spectacular seascape with the huge Atlantic waves breaking over rocks and reefs to form small pools close to shore. The scene is completed by the presence of looming hills inland. In this area, you will find the “Soup Bowl” a popular spot for surfing and scene of an annual international competition. Bath is the safest and one of the most popular beaches on the East Coast of the island. This is the perfect place for a refreshing sea bath followed by a picnic lunch under the shade of casuarina trees. A stroll to the north reveals a small waterfall and the remains of the old train line that once ran from Bridgetown to Bathseba. The facilities at Bath include a large car park, picnicking areas and changing/washrooms.

Bathsheba – This is the rugged east coast of Barbados, where visitors come to breathe the air, soak in the invigorating and feel alive. It is breathtakingly beautiful; wide white sand beaches stretch along a dramatic coastline of striking rock formations against which the Atlantic rollers break in cascades of foam. What at first glance are huge boulders washed up on the beach, are actually rock formations broken away from ancient coral reef!


Generally the seas on the West coast are the calmest, but good, safe, quiet swimming is available in the many tranquil bays along the South West and the South that touch the Caribbean Sea. If you like calm waters with a soft sandy bottom, then the West Coast is probably the best of these conditions, but seasonal variations can cause things to change.

Good Shepherd Beach – Located along the west coast of Barbados in Fitts, St. James is this quiet, small beach. The area contains several reefs and so is good for snorkeling and occasionally you may even spot a turtle surfacing for a breath of air, but a short walk to the north reveals areas that are better for swimming.

Paynes Bay Beach – Located along the west coast, in the parish of St. James, is Paynes Bay Beach. Beach chairs are available for rental and there are several shaded areas on the beach to which you can retreat when the sun gets a bit too hot.

Mullins – Located in the parish of St. Peter, is one of the most popular beaches on the west coast. This is the place to relax in a lounge chair under the umbrellas and shade of the Casuarina or palm trees, take a dip in the safely roped off areas, or venture out further on a jetski.

Heywoods – Located in the north-western parish of St. Peter, near to the town of Speightstown is this wide, quiet beach. Here you will find a large open area ideal for swimming, and smaller rock-enclosed pools that are perfect for children to wade in. As with most beaches along the west coast, the waters here are very calm. The shallow reefs are good for snorkeling, and other water sports are available nearby. Around the corner the beach narrows considerably but there are still small pools in which you can take a dip!

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