Back to school Barbados Yellow PagesMany Barbadian children are currently enjoying the freedom and luxury of a hot summer. In sharp contrast, scores of parents are battling to be ready when the school bell rings to signal back-to-school.  If you are a parent or guardian who has available finances, please don’t wait until the day before school to start your back-to-school shopping.

How do you start? Use the Yellow Pages and give yourself an early advantage by simply locating stores, outlets, addresses and telephone numbers for all your back-to-school needs.  Next, develop a budget and a simple check list of the required items and supplies your children need to return to the classroom.  As you make purchases cross off items so you can track your progress.

Looking spotless on the first day of school is a familiar sight in the Caribbean where students wear uniforms to school. Traditionally, fabric was purchased from a fabric shop and then taken to a “dress maker” or seamstress to complete. However, many stores and garment manufacturers including Mapp’s Factory Outlet now offer uniforms for many of our schools as a convenient alternative.

The specified school shoes and socks are also an essential part of uniforms; thus many shoe stores offer varied colours, sizes and styles to ensure every child gets a comfortable fitting shoe. Hair grooming for both girls and boys is necessary and increasingly, beauty salons and barbers are extending special discounts so students can have an opportunity to step out looking their best.

Is your child no longer wearing uniforms? University students may still want to upgrade their wardrobe with casual and comfortable clothing: tops, jeans and shorts are all popular choices which can be purchased from Planet Fashions and Sculpture or similar clothing stores and boutiques which stock trendy attire.

Obtaining the relevant supplies required for learning is also an important part of back-to-school shopping.  Why not look in the Yellow Pages for book dealers before you leave home?  Or make calls to see which merchant has your required books and stationeryCloister Bookshop, Pages Book Store, Brydens Stationery and Days Books all boast of an extensive selection of books for primary and secondary students. Conversely, university students can visit the University Bookshop which stocks books specifically for tertiary level learning.

Are you searching for stationery and art supplies?  Office Supplies Inc. and Brydens Express Office Supplies Inc. are two recognized, reliable suppliers of writing materials and creative tools.

Packing healthy lunches and snacks is another significant back-to-school consideration, as eating healthy is repeatedly being advocated to start from a young age. Thus when you visit your favourite supermarket, remember to add nourishing and wholesome options.

So you feel relieved now several items are checked off your back-to-school list. That’s great! The other back-to-school essentials can be purchased from your closest department store where book bags, lunch bags, ribbons, pencil cases, crayons, pens and pencils are readily available.

Finally, have you considered taking your children for a check-up at the doctor or optician to ensure they are in shape for the upcoming school term?

Parents, your list should be complete! Yippee! Thank-you Yellow Pages …we can relax and enjoy the final weeks of summer… until the school bell rings!раскрутка сайтовcar cover porscheобеспечение по кредиту этокредитная карта кукуруза в евросетиэмиссионная функция кредитасковородабиол сковородкихороший карандаш для глазразвлечения санктпродвижение сайта в поисковике