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Harris Paints 

Harris Paints
PBX (All Depts) Barbados
Wildey Six Rds & Fitts Vlg
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Harris Paints Barbados are proud to take our reputation for producing the highest quality paints for over 30 years and move it several steps further with the launch of the Harris Colour Centre, the Harris Ultima Signature Series and the Dulux® Professional Super Premium Range. This is backed by the unbeatable combination of the best retail partners, Harris' reputation for offering the best in customer service and innovation and a powerful partnership with ICI® Paints, giving Harris Paints access to ther world beating Technology and Brands.There is more to Harris Paints than simply providing paint. The Company is committed to maintaining a quality management system to ensure the highest standards are met at all times. Our aim is to thoroughly satisfy te needs of our customers with Pride, Inside and Out. In support of this policy, the following objectives have been defined as we provide products at a superior quality level.

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