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The trusted leader in corporate network security
Allo House Culloden View Beckles Rd St M Barbados


CariNetworks combines highly skilled, experienced industry experts with proven best practice IT methodologies and cutting-edge technology partners. The results are prompt project delivery within selected specifications with a primary focus on our customer's business requirements, company vision and value.

We strive to earn our clients long-term loyalty by creating trusting relationships, providing exceptional client service and honesty. Our Consulting Services team provides unmatched 'security incident' prevention and management expertise to minimise the risks and financial impact of security exposures.

Possessing a wealth of experience and expertise, gained from working at successful companies, our management team not only knows how to run a business well, but also how to be a true business partner. We have continued to refine and improve our core competencies as we provide objective expert assistance in all phases of security program management, from assessment and desi gn to technology deployment and emergency response.

CariNetworks' strategic focus continues to demonstrate measurable client value through innovation while reducing client operating costs and maximising information efficiency. Be confident in the knowledge that your Information Systems have been secured by CariNetworks.

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